Cool Roofs Cost Benefit Analysis UNSW - Melbourne Volume 3

Roof Restoration with Energy Star heat reflective paints for Cool Roofs-Cool Roofs Cost Benefit Analysis UNSW - Melbourne Volume 3

Cool Roofs Cost Benefit Analysis - Melbourne

Volume 3 – Climate and Energy Performance of Cool Roof in Melbourne University of New South Wales

This study is performed to assess the energy and environmental benefits as well as the cost-benefit of reflecting or cool roofs in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Specifically, the purposes of this report are:

1) To evaluate the existing reference climatic conditions in the city of Melbourne, understand the characteristics of the urban overheating, and develop detailed climatic data through advanced mesoscale climatic modelling.

2) To evaluate the magnitude and spatial variation of the mitigation /cooling potential generated by the cool roofs when implemented at the city scale, as well as how its application affects the urban ambient temperature and the other main climatic parameters.

3) To investigates the impact of cool roofs on the cooling/heating load and indoor air temperature of different types of buildings in Melbourne.

4) To understand the way of how specific building characteristics affect the performance of cool roofs and the advantages of applying cool roofs in various stations.

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