Warranty and Care of Your Cool Roof

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Get the total peace of mind and confidence that comes with our Energy Star 15-year product performance warranty when you restore your roof with an Energy Star Accredited Trained Applicator.   Your warranty covers film integrity, cracking or peeling.  Some normal environmental weathering is expected as with all exterior surfaces such as dust and bird droppings which can give rise to minor changes in sheen and colour appearance.

Energy Star Roof Restorations are Certified to last the distance.  Applied by Trained Accredited Applicators and backed by the strength of an Energy Star 15-year manufacturer direct product performance warranty.

An Energy Star roof restoration is a simple and cost-effective way to revitalise the appearance of your home while at the same time turn your roof into cool energy efficient asset that is highly reflective to sunlight. 

The Energy Star roofing membranes used in all restoration systems are infrared heat reflective products that reflect fully 50% of solar heat by infrared reflection. Even in darks colours, their low solar absorbance and high emittance, significantly reduces absorbed heat in your roof. 

Once installed, the restoration system forms a uniform protective covering that protects, maintains and enhances the roof for many years to come. The heat reflective restoration is installed at a fraction of the cost of re-roofing, is aesthetically pleasing and remains cool in the extremes of summer.

Care and seasonal maintenance of your roof.

Over time environmental contaminants that land on your roof can detract from not only the appearance but can have an intermitant weathering effect on the coating.  Such as with an excessive build up of bird droppings and mould beneath over hanging trees.  Periodic maintinence and inspection of your roof will keep it looking fresh and new for longer.  Help to maintain the surface of your roof by following these simple care and maintenance steps below.  

Periodic cleaning

Depending on the location and orientation of your home cleaning my be required more frequentley than others.  Hire a proffessional cleaner to rince your roof free of excessive mould or contaminants. This is a low cost way to ensure the long term performance of your roof system is maintained.

Regularly clean your gutters.

Keep your gutters clean and free of leaves and dirt.  Clean gutters will ensure water flows from your roof, stops down pipes from getting blocked and enhances the life of your gutters.

Trim back trees.

Trim back over hanging trees that touch the surface of the roof as they will rub and abraid through the surface coating to the undelying surface.