Test Building Reports


View energy efficiency reports of buildings with Cool Roofs and Energy Star heat reflective paints.

Test Building Reports - Cool Roofs

Energy Star as an Energy Asset.
Evidence that Astec Energy Star roof and wall systems will
help control energy costs and peak power demand.

Heat Reflective roofs and walls have fast become recognised as a cost effective way to reduce power consumption in commercial and domestic buildings through their ability to significantly reduce the transfer of absorbed heat form the building envelope to the internals of a building.

The Sub-Sections below contain thermal monitoring reports of buildings restored with Astec Energy Star heat reflective coatings during routine maintenance of the roof and wall finishes.  For new energy efficient construction. Energy efficiency simulation reports are available in this site that demonstrates the ability of Astec heat reflective coatings to assist with B.C.A. energy efficiency compliance.

Energy Efficiency Simulation Reports